Rohini Mani Notes

Rohini, not as dark my Parvati...Like Pushpamala’s series on Indian goddesses, Rohini too has a little notebook tucked away in her repertoire that has etchings of Hindu goddesses, dark in complexion, sitting freely, sometimes hunching or with legs apart. “Why cannot goddesses be dark? Do they always have to be fair? And, why do they always have to sit in a particular manner? As women, we are always asked to sit properly, keeping our legs together. But sitting freely is just an automatic reflex of the mind when it is relaxed. Why is it everyone’s business to tell a woman how to behave?”

Rohini, love the curly hair, red like Durga, but not black like my Parvati

Raucous cries of a canvas, more of her art at - Canvas for the Self

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